As the media and communication sector becomes ever more diverse and dynamic, degrees in the field of media and communication studies are also becoming immensely popular. This relatively young academic discipline once had a lot to prove, but in today’s media-dominated cultural landscape, media and communications have become one of the most relevant, exciting and powerful subjects that one can opt for. IIMC keeping in mind all the challenges and insights seeks to groom, equip and train students who are going to become not just excellent professionals in the field, but will also lead and redefine it.


To train & prepare professionals for Media & Entertainment Industry.


i) To harness the professional competence by providing world class media & entertainment education & training using state of the art infrastructure & technology.
ii) To create and develop media & entertainment technocrats, entrepreneurs and business leaders who could strive to improve the quality of the media and entertainment industry.
iii) To become the most successful professional body to cater all the needs of the industry


Sharodiya Digital Impact Awards 2016, honours the best Durga Utsav organization on social media platform from concept implementation creative to the Best Integrated (cross platform) Social Media Campaign. This award is to encourage those Durga Utsav organization that have taken the first move towards digital media by successfully using information, communication and technology in integrating people, social media and data to achieve future transformation and growth. The awards also aim to spread awareness about such initiatives.